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“An old world

becoming new.”

“The city  
and its corners,”

“The days I wandered places I’ve already been just to realize how much I’ve changed.”

January’s pub and its music is her whole world, quite literally. Her parents, a couple of beers and a key change are enough to call it a good life.

However, this world doesn’t always lie in Jan’s hands. When a new guest arrives, excited to open her door, Jan is not only faced with the unjust world that she fears, but is also caught between her responsibilities and dreams.

This is a story of growth; for January Sun; for a town called Sol. Sometimes, life is just the things we don’t know and the things we thought we knew. And if the decade before was black and white, then we’re in technicolour.





Growing with little miss Sun took some convincing, investigative observation and a whole lot of drafts to even begin understanding what we were trying to understand. There were days as difficult as an 8-page letter, detailing a cloaked family occurrence, and other weeks that simply took us back to our pub and some live music.


Some stories are told better later than earlier, but most stories could use a little tune.


January is such a specific wonder, one that needs to be explored through music. And she, is her music. It is only right that we tell this story through hers.

Lê Minh Hà Millie

Co-Founder, Playwright &
Director of 'January Sun'

January Sun, Transgenerational Trauma

Roaming through Sol Town, you could be blinded by the glistening glimmer lights, yet overwhelmed by the hustle and all kinds of bustle. It is nowhere near the honey-like promised land that we tend to seek from staged stories. Because that isn't all that life is, and theatre is life on stage.

January Sun, For The People We Love
January Sun, Multidimensionality Of Women

  old World

Becoming new


January Sun, Sometimes Life Is The Things You Don't Know and Thought You Knew
January Sun, Days I Wandered Places I've Been
January Sun, The Scums of The Universe
January Sun, Nothing Is Certain

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the musical's themes

January Sun, like any of FRAGMENTS' musicals, is inspired by real events and real people. Our intention, and our endeavour, is for the musical to not only evoke feelings but also thoughts and conversations. So take a dive, you just might find a fragment of yourself wandering somewhere around Sol.

the citizens of sol

"Turbulent and bustling, with big shirts in belted pants and cravats in vicuna wool. For beige or white bags of jewels, they were the same fools who let green run their days. Because long socks and leather shoes, tattered or new, they stomped the streets."

It was her.


As the only child of two loving parents, January took after her parents in a lot of ways, among which is their passion for the pub and the music that it brings. She adores music: it is how she communicates and how she understands, even when she doesn’t know it herself. You’ll find parts of January in her lyrics, but it takes a while and a significant amount of effort to step into her world.


Having grown up at Sunday Pub, it eventually became January’s utmost priority. This exposed her to the harsh reality at a very young age and she reminds herself to stay present, but at the same time, she is uncertain and confused about herself. Then again, who’s got time for that?

Meet our friendly neighbourhood reporter.

Colin used to wander about his family’s hotel, The Clark, with a notebook, jotting down random stories of new and returning guests. Now that he’s a journalist for The Kaloscope, Sol’s leading magazine, he wanders the town with a recorder. Colin would be fascinated by every discovery and cannot wait to show the world his take on it.

Born into an affluent and influential family of a relatively small town, Colin did not have many hoops to jump through, especially with his intelligence and bright personality. Life has been treating Colin so kind that maybe, just maybe, he assumes everyone would want it. Like anyone in their early 20s, our boy has so much to learn.

Imagine a walking jukebox that is always down for not a shot of whiskey. Jack Daniels is your lad for a historical night out. He’s worked with the Suns since their opening night, jamming with both the band and its audience. If Sunday Pub were a person, it’d be Jack: powerhouse on stage and the best pair of ears—where you can see yourself, be with yourself and find yourself. He’ll hand you the fifth shot glass and then ask about the first.

Olivia was born into the kind of family where she could have just sat quietly in the fortunes ready for her, but living as a doll in a glass cabinet was simply not in her dictionary. Having built her own empire from the ground up, it is understandable why Olivia is so protective of The Kaloscope. As the Editor–in–chief of the magazine that governs the city, Olivia is both looked up to and surrounded by murmurs. She is compassion tailored by the standards of the upper class.

Emma is sensible and strong, not necessarily in ways one would usually expect women to be. Like a home-cooked meal with laughter between each bite, sometimes it feels like Emma’s plate is never empty. She is in awe of January, so much that sometimes she feels like January doesn’t need her anymore. But she will always try her best to be a mother, even when it seems like January can carry the whole world on her little shoulders.

Sebastian keeps his life simple and focused. If he isn’t dashing around Sunday Pub, you would probably find him sitting by the window with a pipe on one hand and a book in the other. He works hard for the pub but never fails to care for the family he’s built it with. Like any loving parent, he tries his best to prepare his only daughter for the adversities to come, knowing too well the roughness of the world they live in. He wishes he could have done more, and maybe done things differently.

 our reporters,

the tru sty street lamps

@thatstreetlamp — the fastest, wittiest and most reliable update channel in Sol.

The Street Lamps is one of our attempts to make Sol Town something more tangible, and more accessible. "It was big and soft and gust all overall" — stumbling upon Sol might seem confusing and disorienting with all the random newspaper editorials and journal entries. Though you could treat it like an easter egg hunt: as much as the surface is already nice and pretty, it is more fun to dive deeper into its hidden layers.

It was four years ago.


It was January Sun.


January Sun was a little history told with utmost passion. Through the imaginations, words and tunes of more than a few hopeless romantics, through the sleepless nights of our crew, through the voices and steps of our most beloved ones, we packed a stage in a blink of an eye. Everything about this production has been surreal. It was just a midnight conversation becoming rehearsal room confessions. It was our story becoming yours. Thank you for coming and falling in love. Thank you for living in the heartbeat of Sol Town. Hopefully, you will have its sunny blush with you wherever you are heading next.

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